Why you should promote using video…

  1. Inclusive of those with learning difficulties


    According to the British Dyslexia Association 10% of the population are dyslexic. That’s almost 6.5 million people who may find it difficult to read your blurb, not to mention the plethora of other conditions which make that difficult for even more people. Videos can easily put lots of information into a short accessible format increasing the likelihood that more people will find out about it!

  2. Short, snappy and gives a feel for your ‘brand’


    Not only can a well made promo video break a lot of information down into a bite-size, accessible chunk. It has the ability to capture the essence that drives what you do – be that your business, your music, your dance or whatever else it is that makes up your personal ‘brand’. Video gives you the power to stamp your personality on your promotional material. This can be directly through putting a face to a name, or through the vibe that you choose to go for in the video itself.
  3. Audiences watch more video


    According to Syndacast audiences tend to pay more attention to video, given that it is more eye catching. Not only this, but using the word ‘video’ in an email subject increases open rates (19%), click through rates (65%) and reduces unsubscribes (26%)!
  4. More memorable!


    According to Lifelearn.com research has shown that after hearing info, people generally only remember 10% three days later. When an image is paired with the information, roughly 65% is retained three days later.
  5. Create an emotional attachment


    We’ve all found ourselves secretly crying to Simba losing his dad… or *ahem* Neighbours (oh is that just me?!). Either way video has the ability to create powerful emotional responses in people. Show your audience what it is that moves you and it might just move them.
  6. More searchable


    This blog explains in detail how using a short, snappy video will increase your search-ability.  Google ranking will be higher, click through rates will increase, people will stick around to watch as long as your title is accurate, your content can link people back to your website – especially if you mix text and visuals.
  7. Word of mouth


    Video content is 39% more likely to get shared on social media than other forms of content. Moreover users are 36% more likely to comment and 56% more likely to ‘like’. Check the stats here.
  8. More engaging


    Research shows that if your video is under 1 minute 80% of viewers stay engaged for up to 30 seconds. If its a 2-3 minute video, retention rates are still 60%. A 5-10 minute video still keeps over 50% of viewers interested. With this common sense is needed of course – your audience will watch as much as they feel they need to to understand or be entertained. Keep the length relevant for the content, and give your audience some credit when it comes to intelligence.
  9. Mobile friendly

    According to Cisco a massive 55% of total mobile data traffic in 2015 was mobile video traffic! Need I say more?

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